4 Futuristic Air Conditioning Finds


If your knowledge of air conditioning is limited to central air and a box air conditioning, you need to look to the future. Advances in air conditioning are spurring the creation of new ways to cool the air. Here are four different types of futuristic air conditioning advances.

1. 3-D Printed Bricks

Imagine air-conditioning coming out of 3-D printed bricks. They may not look like your average air-conditioner but they are used for cooling the room. The printed bricks are created in such a way that they act like a sponge. When they lock water this water gets released by evaporation. When the water is released it cools the bricks down and subsequently the surrounding area. This passive refrigeration technique does not use electricity.

2. Cooling Solar Panel

While still in its infancy, scientists are working on the way to place a thin sheet of a cooling solar panel on top of a roof. Wafer thin, the solar panel is called polythene. Placed on the roof, this panel will reflect the sun in a way that will provide cool air to the building below.

3. Air Conditioning Wristwatch

Could you ever imagine wearing an air conditioner on your wrist? Well, that is the thrust of a prototype that scientists are creating to replicate personalized climate control. It's wearable and you will be able to strap it on just like a wristwatch. Instead of cooling the air, this air conditioning wristwatch will aim to cool the body. This prototype is designed to reduce wasteful energy consumption used by regular air-conditioners. This air conditioning wristwatch will regulate a person's temperature so that for example, if you're feeling too hot during the summer months, it will cool you down just like in your air conditioner would.

4. Smart Windows

Scientists are creating windows that will automatically dim when it is too hot outside. Much of a building's heat gain happens when clear windows readily absorbs heat from the outside. Air-conditioners are used to cool down this heated interior. With smart windows however, naturally dimming the glass will reduce the absorption of energy from inside the rooms. The dimmed glass in the smart windows blocks the sun's rays from even entering the building.

The preceding four advances in air conditioning are a futuristic glimpse into new ways to cool air. While some of these inventions are only at the prototype stage, they give you hope of what is to come in the HVAC world. Speak to an air conditioning repair service such as Phil's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., to see if they've heard of these advances and how they would service a futuristic air conditioner.


2 February 2015

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