Sustainable Roofing, And How You Can Use It For Your Business

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You may think that you have some idea of what "sustainable roofing" means. No matter what your definition, the odds are that you're right. That's because sustainable roofing isn't just one thing. It's a plethora of design and construction decisions. If you want to add a new roof or change your existing roof into something more sustainable, then you need a broader understanding of what sustainability is.

What Makes a Roof Sustainable?

Many factors make a roof sustainable. The more of these conditions that your roof satisfies, the more sustainable the roof is. The roof doesn't have to meet all criteria. Some measures of sustainability are

  • How energy efficient the roof is (both in its construction and its use)
  • How much of the roof consists of recycled materials
  • How much of the roof is recyclable (or how much of it is disposable without being an environmental burden)
  • How long the roof will last

Sustainable roofing is often confused with "green roofing." There's nothing wrong with that as many of the things that make a roof "green" also makes it sustainable. The two terms often describe the same ideals. However, sustainability represents a broader look at the impact the roof will have during its lifetime.

For example, a green roofing solution's main concern is lowering your environmental footprint. A sustainable roofing solution is about lowering the overall environmental footprint of the roof itself.

  • It's about the materials picked for the roof, where they come from, and their procurement process.
  • It's about the construction methods utilized to make the roof.
  • It's about having a roof that lasts for a long time without adding anything negative to the environment.

Finally, it's about whether or not the roof can add something positive to the environment after its life cycle. For example, can the materials go towards a new use? Can they easily biodegrade and add some value to the land? These are all measures of sustainability.

How You Can Use Sustainable Roofing at Your Business

Sustainable roofing sounds like something that's too big for people and businesses to consider. It sounds more like something that manufacturers need to concern themselves about. But that's not true. You can employ sustainable roofing in various ways. Remember that it's not about hitting everything on the sustainable checklist. There are three main ways that you can add sustainability to your roof.

  • Add a new roof
  • Re-roof or retrofit
  • Repair and upgrade current roof

New Roof

If you plan to get a new roof, then you have several options at your disposal. There are tons of choices in the realm of sustainable roofing. For example, a new metal roof is just as "green" as a literal green roof (which uses vegetation). Both of these are green roofing solutions. But a metal roof isn't always a sustainable roof.

Consider if the metal roof doesn't consist of at least 25% recycled material, or if the metal roof isn't fully recyclable itself. This can lower the roof's sustainability. Of course, most metal roofing systems these days do fall squarely within the realm of sustainability. This was just to illustrate that green roofing and sustainable roofing aren't always the same thing. It's something to look out for when choosing a new roof.

Re-roof, Retrofit, Upgrades, Repairs

If you are re-roofing your existing roof, you can add levels of sustainability. You can swap out damaged shingles for ones made of recycled material. You can add cool roof coating or a metal roof slope. Just like with installing a new roof, there are a tremendous amount of options for re-roofing and upgrading your current roof.

By adding longevity to your roof, you add sustainability. By slowly swapping out non-recyclable parts with recyclable ones, you also add to the sustainability of your roof.

In any case, you should speak to a professional commercial roofing specialist about adding sustainability to the roof of your business. They can help you figure out which options will work best for you and how much sustainability you create by making changes.


2 February 2015

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