3 Ways To Maintain An Asphalt Pavement


If you are tasked with maintaining an asphalt pavement, you will need to be diligent to ensure that you keep the regular wear and tear from the weather away. While asphalt is a strong material, regular wear and tear on an asphalt pavement could mean a loss of color, spots on the pavement, or even deep cracks in the asphalt.

Besides the wear and tear, weather could have an impact on your asphalt pavement. This issue is especially pronounced if you live in an extreme weather area. Proper maintenance of the asphalt pavement will make it last for years. The key is to notice and address issues immediately. Here are three ways to maintain an asphalt pavement.

Protection from the Start: Overall Coating

One way to protect an asphalt pavement is to seal the entire pavement as soon as the asphalt is laid. Think of it like the protective coating that you put on your lawn furniture. This protective coating on the asphalt pavement will defend it against adverse weather conditions. Additionally, it will protect it from the foot traffic that will be stepping on the pavement on a continuous basis. An overall coating on the asphalt pavement will strengthen it and make it endure for a longer time than if you do not have this overall coating.

Deep Down Repair: Use Crack Sealing

Make it a habit to regularly inspect the asphalt pavement regularly. Anytime you find a crack within an asphalt pavement, make sure you seal it. One way to seal a crack is to use an injection nozzle that will squeeze a sealant filling into the crack. If left unchecked, a cracked asphalt pavement could expand. However, if you seal it as soon as you notice it, it will contain the crack.

Patch as You Go: Patching Asphalt Pavement

If you notice a large chunks of your pavement are in disrepair, you should plan to repair it immediately. Patch it to ensure that it will maintain its integrity. Patching this asphalt pavement will keep it from expanding into larger areas of the pavement.

As you see from the preceding three tips, there are many things that you could do to maintain the look of the asphalt pavement. Maintaining the asphalt pavement will make it last and serve you for many years to come. If you have any questions about additional ways to do this, contact an asphalt contractor to help you along the way.


3 February 2015

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