Advantages Of Hydro-Jetting Sewer Pipes To Clean Out Clogs

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In some cases, hydro-jetting sewer lines may be an alternative to sewer line replacement. If there are obstructions in your sewer lines, hydro-jetting might be able to clear them out without requiring a large scale replacement project that will typically involve excavating your yard. 

The hydro-jetting procedure requires a hose, nozzle, water tank, and motor. These tools are used to assemble a system that shoots water into pipes at an extremely high pressure to clean out any blockages.

The following are the major advantages of this type of sewer repair for clog issues:

Unclogs and Cleans

It's important to note that hydro-jetting does more than just unclog pipes. It will also clear away any accumulations of debris like sludge, soap, and grease that might lead to the speedy development of future clogs. A rotating snake--which is another method of removing clogs--is not nearly as effective in preventing future clogs as hydro-jetting. 

Offers long-term effectiveness

Once you've had your pipes hydro-jetted, you shouldn't need any more maintenance performed for a long time. Because the maintenance provided by hydro-jetting remains effective over the long term, this type of sewer repair can save you money by doing away with the need for paying for future repair costs. 

Costs less when compared to other repair options

Hydro-jetting is much more economical than some other means of remedying sewer line issues. This type of sewer line repair is far more economical than a full scale sewer line replacement project, and over the long term it can also be more economical than trenchless sewer line repair or repairing with a rotating snake.

Uses less intrusive methods

When you repair clogged sewer lines with hydro-jetting, your yard and landscaping won't be disturbed by intrusive excavation procedures. Whether your sewer line clogs are caused by built up debris or tree roots intruding into your pipes, hydro-jetting can offer a repair solution without being detrimental to your home's exterior. 

Treats any type of pipe

For the most part, hydro-jetting can be used to repair clogs in just about any type of pipe. Whether you need sewer line repair for residential, commercial, or industrial sewer lines, hydro-jetting will probably be able to handle the problem.

The only case where hydro-jetting might not be an effective solution is in situations where pipes are very old and not strong enough for the procedure. If you're not sure what option will work best for you situation, contact a company like Drain-O-Rooter.


3 February 2015

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