Benefits Of A Seamless Gutter Over Standard Gutter


The question of whether to buy a standard or seamless gutter is a confusing one, simply because many don't understand the complications that standard gutters can cause. Here are some benefits of using both seamless gutters and standard gutters:

Standard Gutters

One of the most beneficial facts about a standard gutter system is the range of options you have when choosing the fixture's type. Most companies offer either a roof trough, which runs along the base of your roof, or a wall integral structure, which runs just beneath the edge of your roof. 

A serious con that comes with standard gutters is the idea that they can become easily clogged. A clogged gutter can cause leaking from the clogged area, which can cause serious water damage to your home. However, there are options to ensure that gutters are maintained properly, such as gutter guards. Gutter guards essentially act as a strainer, allowing the water to pass through debris such as dead leaves or dirt more easily.

Seamless Gutters

The first and foremost benefit that seamless gutters provide is the fact that there are no leaks. Having a leaky gutter can cause direct issues because water tends to corrode different parts of your housing panels, especially if your housing panels are wooden. This is especially beneficial if you live in a high flood area where water tends to corrugate around the base of your home. Additionally, seamless gutters are only offered as custom fit fixtures, so excessive weather, such as freezing conditions and strong winds have no impact on the gutter system.

The most popular seamless gutter systems are created using galvanized steel. Steel tends to be less corrosive than other gutter materials such as vinyl or aluminum. Since galvanized steel is so sturdy, most companies offer long time warranties for their product, that standard gutter companies do not include in their pricing.  


Despite your choice on whether to purchase a standard gutter or a seamless gutter, there are a plethora of precautions you can take to ensure your house is protected from leakage and corrosion. This list includes gutter brushes and gutter covers. Gutter brushes act much like a broom does in your home.

They require that you get up and directly maintain the amount of debris in your gutters. Gutter brushes are most effective when you brush your gutters out at least one time per month. Gutter covers ensure that little to no debris falls into your gutters in the first place. To learn more, contact a company such as Aqua Guide Inc. with any questions you have.


3 February 2015

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