How To Open Safes Without A Combination


If you have an old safe that you've lost the combination to, you don't have to break out a stethoscope in order to listen to the tumblers to try to get it open.  Instead, you can enlist the help of a locksmith to open it.  Depending on the type of safe you are trying to open, you may be able to use the tools you have tucked away in your garage to open the safe as well.

Safecracking Methods

In order to open a safe that you don't have the combination to, you can either call a locksmith to open the safe or you may be able to open it yourself, depending on the type and size of the safe.

Use Brunt Force

For small safes, such as fire safes, you may be able to pry open the safe using a flathead screwdriver.  These small safes usually have a key that opens them and the lock mechanism can be flimsy.  If prying it open doesn't work, you can take it outside and slam it into the concrete to try to crack it open. If it is a larger safe with hinges, you may be able to pry the bolt out the hinges to open the safe.

Cutting into Safes

While cutting into a safe is one of the most commonly used techniques by thieves, a professional locksmith may use a torch or a saw to cut into a safe too.  However, the use of this method is rarely used by locksmiths.  It may be used on older safes, but new ones are designed to resist torches and saws. Newer safes are made with copper plates to dissipate the heat from torches or they may have tar barriers that will make a smoky mess if a torch is used.  High security safes are made to dull the blade of saws to prevent tampering with them.

Drilling a Safe Open

This is a common method for professional locksmiths, especially if a safe has a manipulation resistant lock or an electronic lock.  Steel or specialty drill bits will  be needed in order to drill through steel or hard metal plates, which are made to be resistant to drills.  The idea is to drill a small hole so the locksmith can insert an instrument specifically made to open the safe.

There are other methods of opening safes that locksmiths may employ, including listening to the tumblers to help open them.  Maybe a stethoscope will be needed after all. If you have other lock needs or have a question not addressed here, try contacting a company like A-Dave's Lock & Safe for more help.


3 February 2015

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