Benefits Of Using Prefabricated Floor And Roof Trusses For Your Home

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Building a new home means facing hundreds of decisions from what type of materials you want used to the type of carpet you want placed in the bedrooms. When you are making these choices, truss contractors will ask if you want to use prefabricated roof and floor trusses. Before you make a quick choice, that you may not be happy with, consider the following benefits of using prefabricated options on your home construction.

Quicker Construction Time

Choosing a traditional floor or roof truss option means that you are having truss contractors or a truss company build them onsite. This may sound ideal, but it can lengthen the construction time greatly.  By choosing a prefabricated option, the contractor will bring them to the site and install them. This means you only have to schedule a day or two for installation instead of a week or more for building and another few days for installation.

Roof and Floor Strength

When you have the truss built on-site, you run the risk of the strength not being as high. This is because prefabricated trusses are tested in the factory for strength and endurance. That is a test that can't be performed to the same standards on the site. You have to go with the contractor's word that the truss that was built is as strong as one they could have ordered.

Durability and Weatherproofing

When you order a prefabricated truss, the truss is treated and weatherproofed as a finishing touch to the construction. It is kept in a weatherproofed and climate-controlled area until it is ordered and shipped to the site. When you have a truss built on-site, it is exposed to the elements during the process ,and you can be certain that the lumber yard kept the lumber for the truss in a dry and protected area. Your contractor will seal the wood prior to installing the trusses, but you could have issues if there is already damage to the wood that may go unnoticed.

Custom Design Options

You may be under the misconception that if you order a prefabricated model you will not have the custom design input you want. The truth is you may have more custom options available to you depending on the contractor. Some companies that manufacturer the prefabricated trusses actually offer a variety of designs to fit any style, including exposed roof trusses for cabins and other rustic designed homes.

These are just a few of the benefits you can gain from ordering prefabricated roof and floor trusses from your truss contractors. If you have any questions about installation or the options available to you, contact some local truss contractors


13 February 2015

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