What Should I Know About Purchasing Fire Sprinklers In My Home?

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In a recent 5-year span, there were close to 400,000 residential fires per year in the United States. These house fires cause a tremendous amount of damage to property, in addition to loss of life and personal injury. If you want to safeguard your household and property from these fires, one of the greatest preventative measures you can take is to install fire sprinklers. These sprinkler systems will fight the fire when you are unable to and can greatly diminish or prevent damage before the fire department arrives. These sprinkler systems are useful, since half of these reported fires took place during the hours between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., when people are sleeping. To save lives and property, purchase these fire sprinklers and follow these tips. 

#1: Get The Best Sprinkler System For Your Home

Not all sprinkler systems are the same, as there are many different types that you can shop between. Consider some of the following sprinkler types as you shop around:

  1. Pre-action
    These systems expel water to fight the fire, but come with preventative measures that are taken before the sprinkler is initiated. These sprinklers are useful in the case of a room filled with electronics, as an accidental discharge of the sprinkler system can cause serious property damage. 
  2. Wet sprinkler
    This is the typical type of sprinkler system used by most households and small businesses. The sprinkler is connected to a water supply, which sprays water based on specific patterns. 
  3. Dry sprinkler
    These sprinkler systems fight the fire with pressurized air or other methods. 

#2: Get Routine Inspections For Your Sprinkler Systems

If you are going to use these systems in your home, you'll want to always make sure that they are operational. In the same way that you routinely have your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors inspected, you will need to have your sprinkler system checked out. This will give you peace of mind every time you go to sleep at night. 

#3: Know The Cost Of Home Sprinkler Systems 

The cost of purchasing and installing your sprinkler system will depend on a number of factors, including your brand, parts and labor and the amount of square footage that the system will reach. You can expect to between approximately $6,000 and $21,000, based on these factors. Shop around between different contractors, so that you can price compare with your fire systems. 

Consider these three rules and you'll be able to get the fire protection that you need for your home. Talk to a professional like Nor Cal Fire Protection for more information.


27 February 2015

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