Brighten Up Your Bathroom With These Remodeling Ideas

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If your bathroom has not changed for years, it has likely become dull and dingy without you even noticing. With a little cleanup and remodeling, you can return your bathroom to its original sparkling state. Do just a few of these projects and see how much brighter you can make your bathroom.

Tub and Sink Refinishing

Porcelain sinks and bathtubs become chipped and scratched through the years. As the porcelain wears down, the bright white surface can start to look gray. Companies that specialize in refinishing porcelain will fill in the flaws and re-glaze the surface, returning it to its natural white appearance. This project alone will brighten your bathroom.

Shower Doors

Replace that vinyl shower curtain with a glass shower door. Combined with a newly refinished tub, the glass door will reflect light off of the white surfaces and brighten the room. Sliding glass shower doors can be found at your local home remodeling center. Or work with your plumber to create a custom door to enhance the bathroom even more.

Toilet Upgrade

The poor, old toilet designs in most homes have been around for many years. Two piece toilets with porcelain tanks and bowls are commonplace. While the porcelain on an old toilet may not show the wear of a sink or tub, just the design has a dull look. Brighten up the look of the bathroom by installing a new one-piece composite low-flush toilet. These sleek designs will fit into the existing space of your old toilet but give your bathroom an updated feel. You can see a variety of designs at a plumbing products store.

Floor Redesign

If you have carpet in your bathroom, replace it with white tile flooring. If you have an existing tile floor, have the tiles and grout professionally cleaned. A clean, white tile floor makes any bathroom look fresh. If you're concerned about stepping onto a cold tile floor, ask a plumbing services company about an under-floor heating system using warm water tubes. With the thermostat on a timer, you can warm up the floor before you walk into the bathroom in the morning.

Ceiling and Vanity Lights

Install a bright CFL light fixture in the ceiling and halogen lights in cans above the sink or vanity. Put the halogens on a dimmer switch. Surround the sink mirror with LED strips on a thermostat. This gives you total control of the light in the bathroom. Bright light for shaving or putting on makeup, and low light for those long soaks in a hot tub at the end of the day.

Any one of these projects will brighten your bathroom. Do them all and transform your bathroom into an enjoyable space for relaxing or getting ready for work or going out. For more information, 


20 March 2015

Bringing the Spa Home

When my husband and I took our "second honeymoon," we stayed at a glorious resort with an on-site spa. We booked couples' packages for massages and other treatments. When we got home, we decided our bathroom was not nearly as soothing or peaceful as it could be. Armed with inspiration from our visit to the spa, we ripped out the existing vanity, tub, toilet, and other fixtures, and replaced them with more spa-like models. A frameless shower door and a quartz-topped vanity were two of the best decisions we ever made. If you want to enjoy a day at the spa—without actually leaving your home—I hope you will use the information on this blog to make it happen for your family.