3 Tips For Taking Great Care Of Your Carpet

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The carpet in your home will need to last for you through the years in order for you to get the most out of your investment. This flooring sets the mood in your house, provides excellent thermal control and gives you options in terms of decoration. To get the most out of your carpet you should read the following guide, so that you can learn some valuable tips for keeping your carpet in the greatest condition for as long as possible. 

#1: Vacuum Your Carpets Once Per Week

If you want to get the most out of your carpets and keep the debris and dirt from setting in, the best thing you can do is vacuum every week. People who have areas of their carpets that are subject to lots of foot travel will want to vacuum more often to be sure that the dirt and debris do not set in. Vacuuming and removing debris from your carpet is important, since in a year's time, your carpet can actually absorb several pounds of dirt. Frequent vacuuming will keep your carpet fibers intact and free of dirt. To evenly vacuum your home, you should split your room into four different areas, so that you are able to vacuum your carpet evenly and keep it as clean as possible. 

#2: Get A Service Warranty On Your Carpet

When you get fresh carpet installed, or have some work done on the carpet, you should always make sure to get a service warranty. These warranties allow you to keep your carpet maintained without having to pay out of your own pocket every single time. For instance, you can get warranties that last a year-and-a-half or more. This can cover routine cleanings, shampoo jobs and touch ups, which will give your carpet the shine it deserves. 

#3: Understand Some Natural Methods For Cleaning Your Carpet

There are plenty of chemical based cleaners on the market that you can purchase, but if you have allergies, want to use gentler methods or just prefer natural cleaning strategies, you'll need to learn which ingredients work best. You can treat carpet stains with substances like vinegar, baking soda, club soda and lemon. By making the most of these ingredients, you'll be able to avoid damaging your carpets with harsh chemicals.

Take advantage of these three pieces of advice, so that you are able to keep your carpets in the best condition possible. For more information, contact a specialist like Gulf Coast Carpet Cleaning.


30 April 2015

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