5 Majors Useful To Fire Protection Engineers


Fire protection engineering is a growing field nowadays. However, not all colleges offer this field as a major. Students don't necessarily have to have an extremely specialized degree in order to get into fire protection engineering. These five common majors can be springboards into this profitable career, without having to travel across country and pay tens of thousands of dollars for a particular degree.

1. Sociology. One aspect of fire protection engineering is studying people's behavior during emergencies like house fires and wildfires. That's why sociology, the study of human social behavior, is a good degree for a fire protection engineer to have. Sociologists understand the various factors that can impact behavior, including what helps and what hurts. This is vital when designing safe buildings and emergency response plans, both part of a fire protection engineer's job.

2. Architecture. Designing fire exits and building floor plans that will reduce property damage and loss of life in the event of a fire is a major part of a fire protection engineer's job. Architects often work closely with these engineers to create buildings that are safer, so it's important that a fire protection engineer has architectural knowledge so they can work faster and better together.

3. Ecology and Environmental Sciences. Climate change is causing certain regions to become drier and drier, which in turn aids the start and spread of wildfires. Fire protection engineers will become vital in these areas. Environmental scientists and ecologists understand how climate and plant life interact, so they can predict the risk of fire and the damage it will cause to fragile ecosystems. Controlled fires are also vital for certain plant growth, and fire protection engineers are often involved in keeping those fires where they are planned.

4. Business and Leadership. Fire protection engineers often work closely with companies and developers to design not only buildings, but fire prevention programs. Business majors understand key concepts such as risk analysis and the management of human resources. This allows them to assess the economic dangers of fires as well as design programs to help employees react in case of fires.

5. Engineering. Of course, this list would not be complete without the general engineering degree. Mechanical engineering is a good degree for a fire protection engineer to have because it will help them design active fire protection systems like smoke detectors and sprinklers. Chemical engineers can help develop technology such as fireproof coating and extinguishing chemicals.  


18 May 2015

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