The Tools You Need for Vinyl Siding Installation

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The best aspect of vinyl siding installation is the fact that you do not need to be a professional contractor to get it done, and you do not need to rent a myriad of expensive and rare tools. Also, because the vinyl is very lightweight, you won't need to use a truck to transport it. This article explains what tools you will need to hang vinyl siding.

Stud Finder

A stud finder is important because you will need to attach anchor pieces. The anchor piece is usually installed at the top of the wall, and then the rest of the vinyl planks are hung from it, so only the anchor plank will actually be secured to the wall with screws. By using a stud finder, you can make sure that the screws hit a stud in the wall. When your screws hit a stud, you can hang more planks from that anchor piece. See the instructions of your particular siding product to see how many planks can be hung from each anchor piece.


A level is also important when it comes to installing the anchor piece. You will often need to install an anchor piece into the middle of the wall. Do not rely on your eyes alone to determine if the planks are level.

Miter Saw

A compound miter saw with a standard wood blade is perfect for cutting vinyl. You do not need to invest in a special blade for vinyl. Most normal wood blades will work just fine if they are not too dull. Also, it is important that the miter saw has a movable blade so you can make angled cuts.

All the Rest

Of course, you will also need a handful of other tools and equipment. A ladder is necessary, but investing in a small scaffolding system will make the job much easier. Make sure you also have a tape measure, power drill, multiple Phillips head bits, and waterproof caulk.

With all the right equipment and tools, installing vinyl siding is a relatively easy and affordable home remodel. Do not be afraid to try this DIY project on your own. However, if you do have professionals install your vinyl siding, you can rest assured that the installation time and cost will be minimal compared to other popular siding materials like wood or brick. Consider setting up an appointment with Professional Home Improvement Inc today.


26 June 2015

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