Ground Penetrating Radar: Great For Treasure Hunting, Geocaching And Home Improvements

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If you and your family enjoy going out and searching for treasure with metal detectors, or are into geocaching, you may want to consider using ground penetrating radar in addition to your detector. A metal detector can help you find specific metals, so you aren't digging up things you are not interested in. However, you need to realize there is more beneath the surface of the earth than metal that can be of interest. Having a ground penetrating radar (GPR) device will not only be useful for your hobbies, but can come into play in some landscaping and household maintenance activities.  

Treasure Hunting

While finding gold or silver is a good treasure haul, you don't want to miss out on other finds. Gemstones and paper money can also be detected with GPR. In addition, you will be able to find places where the ground has been disturbed, indicating that something may have been there but was already found. This can save you from trying to find something that is no longer there. If there is a map or legend about a treasure, you can be sure it has been searched for in the past.


Geocaching can be a great family activity. You may travel to fun, historical or beautiful places you never thought of visiting. Of course, you may also end up going to some out of the way locations in your search for the next geocache in the adventure. Because the geocache is not always going to be metal, and may be hidden in a tree or somewhere not underground using a GPR will be helpful.

Landscaping and Home Improvement Applications

A GPR unit is a great device to have around anytime you need to dig up the yard for any reason. It will detect underground utilities, roots or pieces of concrete from the foundation. This will save you from cutting into an electric wire or damaging the foundation. If you know there are tree roots where you want to dig, you can either dig around them, or have the tools ready to go through them.

When you have a GPR unit, you have a complete map of the terrain, both on the top and underneath. Anything that has disturbed the ground will be noticed. If you are wondering if there is a water reservoir, or need to find the sunglasses your dog buried, you can accomplish the task with a GPR. Of course, they are also great when you just want to find a few coins on the beach. 


13 July 2015

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