Three Ways To Cut Down On How Often You Need To Get Your Septic Tank Cleaned

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If you rely on a septic tank in your backyard for all your plumbing waste disposal needs, you'll need to get it professionally cleaned sooner or later. But if your budget doesn't include a lot of space for household maintenance work, it's understandable if you want to put off this cleaning for as long as possible. Check out these three ways to cut down on how often you need to get your septic tank cleaned.

Use Specialized Toilet Paper That Dissolves In Water

Most toilet paper varieties will not break down fully when you wash them down into your septic tank. Even if they break into chunks so small that you can barely see them, they're still contributing just as much to the volume of the sludge at the bottom of the tank.

Instead of using ordinary toilet paper, get a specialized brand that's designed to completely dissolve after a certain amount of time in a septic tank. When the paper dissolves into gaseous effluent, it can travel through the exit pipe on the side of your tank into your drain field. 

Check That All Your Sink And Toilet Cleaning Chemicals Won't Harm The Tank

Some toilet and sink cleaning chemicals are so powerful that they can slow down or stop the natural decomposition processes going on in your septic tank. Since liquid and solid waste usually either turns into gas or gets less dense as it decomposes, your septic tank will fill up much quicker with lots of harmful chemicals in it.

Research all the cleaning chemical brands and varieties you use on the internet to ensure that they won't harm anything in your septic tank. When you're choosing a dish washing detergent, anything that has "bio-degradable" on its label should be a relatively safe bet.

Keep The Pipe Leading Into The Drain Field Well Maintained

Sometimes, loose pieces of debris will find their way into a drain field pipe, partially blocking it. If you don't get this pipe regularly inspected, it could eventually block completely, trapping a whole lot of gas in your septic tank and vastly increasing the rate at which it fills up. This is both because the gas takes up extra space and because it slows down chemical reactions that release more gas from the waste.

Since inspecting drain field pipes doesn't take as much time or equipment as emptying out an entire septic tank, you can still save a significant amount of money. When it is time to get your tank cleaned or if you suspect there is an issue with your tank, call a professional similar to those at Hemley's Septic Tank Cleaning.


30 October 2015

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