Plumbing Dope And Teflon Tape – How To Use And Choose

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Simple plumbing repairs can be done with the right tools, supplies and a little know how. When reading instructions or watching instructional videos about making these repairs, you will find out that you need Teflon tape or plumbing dope to finish the repairs. Here, you will learn which of these products to use and how to use them properly.

Knowing the Difference

Pipe dope is a gooey substance that is applied to the joint threads of the plumbing. It works much like a glue-like sealant to prevent leaks in the connections.

Teflon tape is a plastic tape that is wrapped around the joint threads of the plumbing to achieve the same leak-free finish.

When to Use Each

When your plumbing project consists of copper piping, plumbing dope is your best choice. Now, you could use the Teflon tape with copper, but you won't get the best possible seal like you do with the dope.

When working with plastic piping, the tape is your best option. If you were to use the dope on plastic, you could over-tighten the fixture because it lubricates the threads and makes it too easy to do. You may not even see the cracks that are caused by over-tightening the fixture, but eventually it will begin to leak.

How to Use Each

To use pipe dope, clean the female and male ends of the joint. Apply the dope to both ends of the joint using the application brush. Don't go overboard with the dope –too much can cause the two ends not to join completely and will allow for leaks.

To use the Teflon tape, clean both ends of the joint. Wrap the male part of the joint going in the same direction as the threads. If you wrap it the wrong direction, the tape could come undone as you twist the female and male end together. This will leave gaps in the seal and cause the pipes to leak.

Choose the Products

When choosing the plumbing products that you are purchasing, don't skimp. These supplies don't cost a whole lot, so spend the little extra to get the products of better quality. Teflon tape that is cheap can make the project more difficult because it can tear when trying to put it on. Dope can be too gooey and make it more difficult to spread evenly on the threads.

If you don't know exactly what you need, talk with the professionals at your local plumbing supply store, such as Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company.


18 November 2015

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