Blending Your Pool Into The Yard... Naturally

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When designing a landscape to complement a pool, most homeowners want to create the appearance of a natural oasis as much as possible. But they also don't want to increase the time, effort, and cost of maintaining the pool either. The good news is that there are ways to have your cake and eat it, too, at least when it comes to adding naturalistic landscaping to the pool. Here are a few tips to help you out. 

Create a Buffer

While you want to add landscaping around the pool to help it blend in with the yard and appear natural, you don't want things to find their way into your pool itself. One way to keep the greenery where it should be is to create a buffer zone around the pool. Concrete is the common way to separate the pool from the yard, but you can minimize unattractive concrete by using 2 or 3 feet of gravel between the deck and any planted areas. Or a low stone wall can also attractively keep dirt and plants out of your pool space. 

Choose Low-Maintenance Greenery

Deciding to use real plants can make some pool owners nervous -- they expect fallen leaves, sap, dirt and mulch to get into the water. Avoid this by choosing plants and trees carefully. Evergreen trees are preferable over leaf-dropping deciduous trees. Banana trees and palms (such as the Queen palm) provide shade from large fronds but don't need much maintenance. Ornamental grasses or moss planted among landscaping rocks and boulders give the impression of natural plants while needing little water or weeding. If you want to add annual flowers to the area for color, use container gardens to control weeds and debris. 

Accent with Non-Living Things

Minimize the actual plants and shrubs you need in the pool area by including other natural elements -- water, stone, and fire. Although you have a lot of water inside the pool, adding water features to its sides and deck can create a faux natural look. Artificial rocks with cascading waterfalls or bubbling brooks leading to the pool's edge give the appearance of natural movements. Likewise, install a clump of large landscaping rocks with only minimal vegetation in among them -- particularly on the top where the greenery will show up best. Fire is a beautiful element to bring in with the use of fire pits, torches, or even an outdoor fireplace.

Bringing nature into your pool helps make it more enjoyable at any time of day and creates a more cohesive backyard design. While it may seem to be nothing more than a way to increase your maintenance needs, with a little strategy, you can create a natural haven without making a mess. 

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7 December 2015

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