Designing When You Have Children Or Pets

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While you are designing your patio and making decisions as to furniture, doors, and decor, you may have to take into consideration your pets or children. When you have pets that go in and out consistently, or children who make messes easily, how you design your patio can be a challenge. From more durable, stain-resistant furniture, to finding patio doors that can have a pet door installed, you can create a beautiful patio that the whole family will love. As you design your space, there are many factors that you will have to think about in order to create the space of your dreams.

Pet-Friendly Patio Doors

Sturdy patio doors are in order when you have large dogs that like to press their noses up against the door to see what is going on outside. While glass or french doors may feel intimidating, it is easier to clean dog or kid prints off of glass than it is from a cheap, plastic window. Your dogs will be able to see outside when you use french doors, and the doors won't be too heavy for younger children to open. French doors are also easy to lock, keeping children, pets, and your other valuables safe inside.

Stain-Resistant Furniture is Key

As you design your patio, sturdy furniture that is made for an outdoor patio is an excellent choice. Even if your furniture does not go outside and have to withstand the elements, outdoor patio furniture is more durable and will have to take a beating from your children and pets. Outdoor furniture can look beautiful on a patio, and you won't have to worry about mold, mildew or dirt as readily as you would if you used regular, indoor furniture on your patio. Invest in patio furniture that looks good, but can also handle the traffic your children or pets will place upon it.

Keep the Decor Simple

When children or pets are around, plants, glass tables or lamps, and other breakable items are difficult to have around. If your home has to be child- or pet-proof, so does your patio design. Keep the decor simple, with hangings on the walls and lighting that can't be knocked down easily. You can create a wonderfully-decorated patio, even when you have a rambunctious family. You will just have to be more careful in your planning, and design the space so that it can be well lived-in. 


12 January 2016

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