Tips For Working With Your General Contractor

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If you are having your home renovated or some other project done, your general contractor is going to be the person who is orchestrating the entire event. This is important to keep in mind because he or she is going to be the person that you coordinate any details or chances with and from whom you get updates. Here are some communication tips in order to make sure that you can use this valuable communications resource as well as possible. 

1. Avoid Using Allowances 

Your first step to great communication with your general contractor is to avoid allowances at all costs. An allowance is a place in your contractor's bid that is essentially an amount that is to be determined by you at a later date. For example, if you aren't sure what type of flooring you want to use yet, the contractor will put an allowance in the contract and estimate the amount of money that he or she thinks that you will be willing to spend on flooring. The problem is that your contractor isn't you and might wildly underestimate the amount of money that you're willing to spend. This will result in his or her bid not being correct, which might result in you making the wrong choice for choosing a contractor. In order to have effective communication with your general contractor, you need to give him or her everything that he or she needs to make your job easier up front. Decide your budget for all aspects of a renovation before you start accepting bids.

2. Have Daily Meetings

Your next step is to make it clear to your general contractor that you both value his or her input and are going to expect his or her input. Set a daily time to meet with your general contractor, be it during the day or in the morning before work begins. This will allow you to be certain that you can get frequent updates about the project and information about what the project might need in the future. You can stay on top of your communication and information goals by talking to your general contractor regularly.

3. Put All Changes in Writing

Finally, keep a notebook where you write down the exact changes to budget, construction details, and contracts. Then, update the contracts and other paperwork every afternoon before you leave the work site. This will allow you to keep your expectations with regards to the budget and project progress clear and make communication easier between you and your general contractor.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in construction.


22 February 2016

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