Combating ADHD With Nature: 2 Xeriscape Ideas For Children

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Researchers have concluded that children with ADHD benefit from outdoor activities that involve nature. Regular exposure to nature reduces symptoms of ADHD, including hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity. If you have a child or children with ADHD, there are ways to improve your backyard with xeriscape landscaping so they can benefit from exposure to nature.

Xeriscape is a way of landscaping with plants that don't require much water, if any at all, which can make it easier on you, especially if you live in an area that is prone to drought. Here are two ideas.

Create a Butterfly Garden

Butterfly watching is a fascinating activity, and having a butterfly garden in your backyard is a perfect way to expose your children to nature's beauty. Hire a xeriscape landscaping contractor to create a butterfly garden, which should include several host plants for the caterpillars to feed from and floral plants for butterflies to get nectar from.

Two other things that your butterflies will need are shade and water, which could be a problem if your area is in a drought. Therefore, you'll need to be sure that you provide water for the butterflies on a consistent basis. Ideally, use an indented, smooth stone placed in shade as a watering dish so the butterflies don't overheat in the hot sun.

Plant a Whimsical Children's Garden

There's more to being in nature than being outside. Just as with watching butterflies, your child can get immersed in nature in a whimsical garden clearly designed with children in mind. Plants and greenery with fun names like monkey grass, lizard tails, and elephant ears can spark imaginative play. Even if they take some of their indoor toys to use to play with in the garden, they're still exposed to and surrounded by nature.

To protect children from the brutal sun while playing in their garden, use large shade trees or built a pergola to provide shade. Also, you'll be attracting bugs and other creatures into your backyard, which will give your child more experiences with nature. However, don't use pesticide or chemicals to control the bugs since your child will be playing in the garden.

Instead, bring good bugs to your garden, such as spiders, beetles, and lady bugs, because they control the bad bug population that could eat the leaves. You can buy bugs for natural pest control from your local greenhouse or through a landscaping contractor. 

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9 May 2016

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