Own And Older Home? These Tips And Tricks Will Save You Money Long Term

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Older homes offer charm and personality that isn't always found in modern developments, but they can also require more maintenance and repairs to keep things in optimal condition. As an older homeowner, it's a good idea to take steps that will help you avoid the onset of wear and tear or damage throughout your home. Here are three things you can do to keep your home in great shape, minimize your maintenance requirements throughout the year, and save you money on things like repairs and energy bills as time goes on:

Have Your Driveway Sealed

Sealcoating your asphalt or concrete driveway will improve your property's curb appeal and reduce the chance of it cracking due to age and weather as time goes on. Sealing your driveway will close off its pores so moisture can't seep underneath it and cause damage. Once your asphalt or concrete driveway is sealed, you should find it easier to clean oil and other spills off the surface too. All of these protections are sure to lead to money savings as you'll face the need for fewer repairs as the years pass. For a new look and feel, consider having your service provider tint sealant to give your driveway a little overall color.

Plant a Few Trees in the Yard

Landscaping with trees can increase your property value by up to 20 percent and protect your home from extreme weather elements. Trees work as natural wind breaks that will keep your home from being battered during the winter months, and minimize the chance of debris hitting your home and causing damage to it. Deciduous trees provide protection from both heat loss and gain all year long – they're full of leaves in the summer to shade your home from the sun, and they lose their leaves in the winter so the sun can naturally warm things up.

The natural insulation trees should lower your monthly energy bills too. Consider planting black gum, red maple, sourwood, or beech trees in the yard. To improve your results plant your trees in front of windows that get direct sunlight during the day and near your exterior HVAC unit.

These ideas should make it easier to manage your household expenses throughout the year, and will help to keep your home in great condition which can come in handy if you decide to sell it or rent it out in the future.  To learn more, visit a website like http://www.phend-brown.com


1 June 2016

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