Stay Secure And Avoid Inconvenience - Signs Your Automatic Gate Needs Maintenance

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An automatic gate can serve a wide variety of purposes. Whether you're looking to make the flow of vehicle traffic go more smoothly, attempting to secure a private lot or garage, or simply trying to enhance your property value, a correctly functioning gate can go a long way. However, when your gate breaks down, frustration can mount in a hurry.

Thankfully, there are often warning signs that will alert you to the need for maintenance before you reach the point of inoperability. Below, you'll find a guide to some of those signs, and some suggestions for steps you should take in order to keep your automatic gate operating at its highest level of function.

Unusual Sounds

If you hear a certain sound every day, such as the operation of your automatic gate, it's natural for it to gradually fade into the background. You may find yourself hardly noticing noises which used to be prominent, but, when those noises change, it's likely that you'll be extremely sensitive to those changes.

An unusual grinding or scraping sound is often a sign of a problem with your automatic gate. While the resolution may be as simple as increased lubrication or replacing a worn plastic or rubber bumper, making those fixes in a timely fashion is important for avoiding more serious mechanical faults.

Sluggish Response

Whether your gate operates with the presence of a vehicle or the use of a remote, it should always be able to respond with the correct stimulus. In fact, in some cases, both the flow of traffic as well as the integrity of security can be compromised if your gate is insufficiently quick to respond.

Before you dive too deeply into maintenance procedures, it's always important to make sure that batteries in openers are fresh and that sensors are properly placed and not blocked. If those seem to be in order, then your sluggish gate response may be a sign of a worn spring or other flaw that needs to be addressed.

Spontaneous Operation

Perhaps the only thing more bothersome than a gate which doesn't open when instructed is a gate that opens when you don't want it to. Often times, this occurs due to radio interference locally or due to a sensor being tripped by animals or ground debris. Making sure that there are no other infrared devices operating nearby can clear up the interference, and keeping an eye out for downed limbs or active squirrels can make sure that your gate operates only when you intend it to.

If your automatic gate starts making unusual sounds, is slow to open or close, or starts opening for no apparent reason, contact a maintenance professional like Gibson Construction Of Nevada Inc to take a look at it and recommend a course of action.


1 August 2016

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