3 Window Improvements To Protect Your Home From Storm Damage And Bad Weather

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If you want to have a home in an area that is subject to storms during the summer and fall months, there are probably some additional features that you will want to consider to keep your family safe. Some improvements that you may want to add to your home can be window updates with impact glass, storm shutters and window film. Here is a look at some of the best window upgrades to protect your home and your family from severe weather:

1. Installing Window Film To Make Existing Windows Shatterproof

Installing windows can sometimes be a costly investment, so you may want to consider more affordable options. If you want windows to be more resistant to shattering, adding window film can be a good investment to keep your home safe. In addition to giving you shatterproof glass, adding the window film can also help reduce heat gain and help block out UV radiation from the sunlight that comes through windows.

2. Replacements With Impact Windows For More Storm Resistance

Impact windows are one of the best options to improve storm resistance of your home. These are windows that are designed to take abuse from high winds and debris that can turn into missiles during bad weather. There are many different choices of impact windows, which can give you the storm resistance you want to make your home safe. With impact glass, you will also give your home more security with glass that cannot easily be broken. You can even have impact glass added to fixed glass openings in your home.

3. Adding Shutters To Windows To Give Your Home Protection From Weather

Shutters are another option you may want to consider if you do not want to replace windows. Installing shutters can give you many options, such as home automation with shutters that are installed with electric motors to open and close them. Adding shutters to your home can also give you protection from break-ins, as well as improve privacy. You may want to choose from many different types of shutters, which can be a colonial shutter if you want a more traditional look or roll-up shutters for a modern solution and home automation.

These are some of the best window upgrade choices that you have to give your home more protection from storms. If you are ready to give your home more protection, contact a window service like Gulf Coast Builders Inc and talk with them about installing impact windows in your home. 


9 August 2016

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