Well Water Taste Awful? Here's What To Do About It

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If your water tastes terrible, you may have it tested, only to find out that it is perfectly safe to drink. If you can barely drink any glasses of water you pour from the faucet and anything you cook using your tap water tastes awful, there are things you can do to make the water coming out of your well taste better.

Treating Your Water

There may be some tricks you can use to improve the taste of the water. For example, you might boil the water and then allow it to sit in the refrigerator overnight. Sometimes, leaving the water to sit for a few days will improve how it tastes. 

You may need to have a softener and filter installed on your water line. If the filter is installed on the pump, all of your water will be filtered before it enters the home. Another solution is to filter the water after it exits the faucet either with a faucet attachment or a pitcher. This may allow you to purchase a less expensive filter or change the filter less often because you will only be filtering water that you will drink or be using for cooking. Drinking water only accounts for 1% of the total water you use, so a point-of-use filter may be all you need. 

No single water treatment system will treat all water quality problems. You will need to have a water treatment system that is tailored to the specific water problems that you have. Also, to keep the water treatment system working properly, you will need to perform regular maintenance. For example, you may need to replace filters regularly or they will become clogged and stop working.

Fixing Underlying Well Problems

You should still have your well inspected. Even if your water is safe to drink, the well might have a cracked casing, and something might be seeping into your water supply that is affecting the taste. Only by having your well repaired will your well water taste great again. Sometimes, the only solution is to construct a new well. 

Constructing A Community Well

If you are having a difficult time affording a new well, talk to your neighbors and ask them if they are also having problems with their well water. If everyone's well water tastes awful, it may make sense to invest in a community well that everyone can rely on.

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9 August 2016

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