Fall Is Here! Make Sure Your Windows Are Ready For Cold Weather

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With the autumn season well underway, there is definitely a change in the weather, which signifies to you as a homeowner that it is time to start making sure your home is well prepared for winter. You can't talk about winter home efficiency without bringing up the windows, so there is no time like the present to make sure these home components are ready. While you're in the middle of testing your thermostat and installing weather seals around the doors, make sure you take at least a few minutes to get your home windows ready as well. 

Check your windows for drafts. 

On a good fall morning when the breeze is crisp and cool, take a few minutes to see if you feel a draft around your windows while inside your home. A simple cooler breeze may be no big deal right now, but drafty windows in the winter months are no joke. They can rob your home of expensive heat and drive up electricity or fuel costs. If you feel a draft, carefully track down the source of the breeze and add weather stripping or insulation where you can. 

Check your windows for condensation. 

Do you notice your windows steaming up with condensation when the weather is cool outside and your indoor temperature is warm? If so, it is likely that you have outdated windows that don't do a very good job of insulating the glass against hot and cold transfer, which can be a huge issue in the winter. While you can invest in window film that helps to counteract this issue, it is a good reminder that modern replacement windows with double-paned glass and heat/cold transfer protection are a wise investment. 

Check your window frames and casings for signs of rot. 

Frail and brittle window frames and casings will allow cold air to slip right through to give your home a chill in the winter. So there is no time like autumn to see if you can find any issues. Check around the windows both inside and out for signs of rotting wood, cracks in metal casing, or otherwise, and use caulking or wood filler to seal off the damaged areas. 

If, after your assessment of your windows in fall, you determine there are way too many issues to make a difference with simple repairs, it is a good idea to consider your options. Talk to a window sales and service center for more information about window replacement for your home before winter sets in. 


7 October 2016

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