Got a Sewer Ejector Pump? Tips to Keep It in Good Condition

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A sewage injector pump is generally installed in the basement. The job of the sewage ejector pump is to collect waste from the water that flows through plumbing fixtures. The water is then pumped to a drain, and the drain moves the wastewater out of your home's plumbing system. Below are some tips to help you keep your sewer ejector pump in great condition to help you save money.

Check for Problems

Checking your pump for problems can help you find them much quicker. In some cases, finding a problem early results in a lower repair bill. Some things you should do periodically include:

Check the Alarm

If there is an alarm system installed on the pump that notifies you when there is a problem, make sure the alarm is working. You can test this by adding water to the pump pit until the water level rises above the normal mark that is on the pump. When the water gets above the level, the alarm will go off. If it does not, the alarm needs to be replaced.

Check for Water Leaks and Venting

Look for water leaks inside the pump, as well as if there are any openings into the pumping tank that are unprotected with a screen or if there are any exposed wires.

You should also make sure there is not a problem with the pumping chamber venting. All openings on the pumping chamber can discharge an odor, bacteria, and even dangerous sewer gases. The venting will prevent this discharge from happening. If you are smelling odors, there is a venting problem.

Check the Sewer Ejector Pump Cover

The sump pump basin should have a cover to provide safety, especially if you have children in the home. This cover should be child-proof and always secure. You can also purchase covers that are gas-tight.

Check for Overflows or Backups

If there is a problem with the sewer ejector pump, you may see an overflow outside of the pump, such as scraps of toilet paper and sewage. If you have this problem, you will smell an odor and have problems inside your home with your plumbing, such as your toilet constantly getting backed up.

If you are having problems with the sewer ejector pump, check out and contact a plumber in your area to come to your home and repair it. A plumber should also do yearly maintenance on the pump to ensure it stays working with no problems.


8 December 2016

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