Why Do People Trim Trees?

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In some cases, you don't need to fully remove a tree, but there are benefits to trimming it. Here are some of the advantages of trimming that people use to justify hiring a tree trimming team:

To Keep it Away from the Roof

Roofs can be vulnerable to tree debris that gets wet, sits on the roof, and decomposes. Keeping the trees away from the edge of your home helps to prevent this; cue a tree trimmer. 

To Keep it Away from Power Lines

When your power lines are all tangled up in a thick, massive tree, there is a better chance that the winds that sway tree branches will also take down your power line. So, tree trimming can be a matter of convenience and safety. 

It Can Be Healthy for the Tree

Trimming is a way of grooming the tree so that it grows healthy. For example, one side of the tree that sees the sun more often could grow a lot faster than the other side, which is blocked from receiving sunlight. The sunny side of the tree starts to grow a lot faster than the other side, and so the tree is now lopsided. That is hard on the roots. Another example is when the branches are growing so densely that none of them have enough room to grow strong. Tree trimming helps ensure that each branch grows to its full thickness. 

The Appearance Is Better

Some people prefer their trees in a specific shape that complements the other landscaping of their home. Then, a tree trimming professional might make the tree boxier or rounder, or trip it to a specific height. 

It Prevents the Tree from Interrupting Others' Property

Do you have a boundary with a neighbor's property, and is your tree overtaking it? Sometimes, tree trimming is a matter of courtesy so that your neighbor doesn't have to clean up your falling leaves. It is also perfectly within the neighbor's rights to demand that excessive tree branches be cut down so that the tree doesn't encroach on their property. 

It Takes Up Too Much Space

Trees can take up a lot of space, visually and physically. Trimming might be the only way to reclaim your property. 

It's Interrupting Your View

Similarly, perhaps a tree has gotten so full and bushy that it's interrupting your view. If you've paid for prime real estate, and now all you can see is your tree, trimming might be in order. 


7 September 2017

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