3 Ways To Level Out Sunken Patio Concrete

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If your patio has a sunken area, you may be tempted to tear out the concrete and replace it with a new patio. While that's one way to solve the problem of a sunken slab, there may be a better solution. Here's a look at a few other ways to level concrete.

Add New Concrete On Top

Although it may only be a temporary measure, you could add new concrete to the top of your patio and level out the surface. The reason it might be temporary is that the new concrete may not stick very well which could lead to cracking later on. Also, if you don't address the underlying sinking problem, the new concrete may sink too. However, one advantage to leveling out your patio with new concrete is that it gives you the opportunity to freshen the appearance of your patio. The surface will be clean and fresh. You could even add colored concrete or stamp the surface for an entirely new look.

Raise The Slab With Concrete Slurry

A better way to level out concrete is to raise the sunken slab. That's a fairly easy process through a practice called slab jacking or mud jacking. A mud-like concrete slurry mixture is pumped through holes into the soil beneath the sunken slab. This fills in shifted soil and causes the slab to lift until it is level.

Lift The Slab With A Chemical Solution

Sometimes it may be best to use something other than a concrete mixture to lift the slab. Your contractor might pump in a chemical foam instead that expands once it is under the slab. The expansion lifts the slab back into place and the foam hardens quickly into a stable base for the patio to rest on so the risk of sinking again is greatly reduced. One advantage of using this method is that the foam hardens quicker than the concrete slurry so the patio can be used right away. Also, the holes needed to pump in the mixture are smaller so they may be less visible when patched over.

These methods of concrete leveling are quicker and less disruptive than ripping out the old concrete and putting in a new patio. Plus, you won't have disposal fees for the chunks of old concrete. The end results are the same, so if you want to save some effort and get results fast, call a contractor, such as at Ace Mudjacking & Concrete Leveling, and discuss which of these options is best for your situation.


5 October 2017

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