Three Answers To Questions About Your Home's Garage Door


When a home's garage door starts to encounter problems, it can be a major inconvenience and burdensome problem for those living in the house. However, homeowners are often ill-informed about this part of their property, and this may lead to some serious issues. Expanding your basic understanding of your garage door can be extremely beneficial in allowing you to make informed decisions about it.

What Does The Weatherstripping On The Garage Door Do?

There are a number of joints in the garage door that are necessary for allowing the door to open and close. Unfortunately, these joints can have small gaps in them that allow moisture and drafts to enter. The weatherstripping on the garage door is designed to prevent this from happening by helping to close these gaps. Unfortunately, the weatherstripping can sometimes suffer fairly extensive wear and tear. This can compromise its ability to function. For this reason, it will likely be necessary to replace the weatherstripping every few years.

Can You Make A Garage Door Energy Efficient?

The energy efficiency of the garage is an important factor, as it can contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the entire home. Regretfully, there are some basic steps that homeowners often overlook that could greatly improve the efficiency of this part of their home. An example of one of these upgrades would be adding supplemental insulation to the interior of the garage door. When the time comes to replace the entire garage door, you will want to choose the model that is the most energy-efficient option, as these doors will be thicker than traditional doors, which can help to reduce the amount of heat loss or gain that occurs.  

Will Replacing The Garage Door Be Disruptive?

The prospect of needing to replace the garage door can be troubling to many people. Often, homeowners will imagine that this work will be immensely disruptive to life in their home. Yet, the amount of work and time that is needed for this task will vary based on whether the door is the only part that needs to be replaced or if the opener also must be changed. In situations where both the door and the opener need to be replaced, it may take a couple of days to complete this work. However, if only the door or only the opener needs to be replaced, the contractors will likely be able to complete this project for you within a single afternoon.

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13 April 2018

Bringing the Spa Home

When my husband and I took our "second honeymoon," we stayed at a glorious resort with an on-site spa. We booked couples' packages for massages and other treatments. When we got home, we decided our bathroom was not nearly as soothing or peaceful as it could be. Armed with inspiration from our visit to the spa, we ripped out the existing vanity, tub, toilet, and other fixtures, and replaced them with more spa-like models. A frameless shower door and a quartz-topped vanity were two of the best decisions we ever made. If you want to enjoy a day at the spa—without actually leaving your home—I hope you will use the information on this blog to make it happen for your family.