Building A Rural Home And Water Well

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If you are planning on having a new home built in a rural location, chances are you will need to have a well for your water supply. Just as your general contractor will contract with a service for installing your septic system, he will also hire a well drilling company to install your well and hook up the pump. As soon as the foundation crew has completed their job and the basement or slab is poured and has cured, the general contractor will contact the building inspector to come and give his or her approval. Once the contractor has the okay to move forward, the contractor can let the well drilling company know of the approval and they can come and do their job, which will need to be completed before framing can begin. Here is a look at what this stage of building your home entails. 

What Is Involved In Water Well Drilling?

Once the foundation is in place, cured, and approved, the well drilling company brings out the drilling rig. This machine is similar to a gigantic drill. The rotary drill bit bores through the soil and bedrock and is brought to the surface as it goes. How deep they have to go varies largely by region as well as the property, but anywhere between 100-500 feet is typical. The drilling rig will drill until they are below the water table.

What Happens Once They Reach The Right Depth?

Once the drilling rig has gotten to water, the casing will be installed. These are long PVC or steel tubes that will create your piping to the water supply. Once these are in place, gravel will be put in place around the piping for the first 20-30 feet and then it will be cemented over. This is called the annulus, and it keeps your pipes from freezing as well as protects the water source from becoming easily contaminated.

Can Water Well Drilling Be Done Anytime?

In the warm areas of the south, drilling goes on year-round. In the north, however, drilling for water is limited by the seasons. While the drilling rig can obviously handle frozen ground just as easily as it handles rock, it does cause more stress on the equipment. Heavy snow also makes it difficult for the trucks to maneuver.

Once spring arrives, you may be anxious for them to get started, but rural roads often have weight restrictions in place for a month or two. This is because roads are more prone to damage during the thaw period. For these reasons, most northern wells are drilled in summer and fall only. Because of these climate limitations, your general contractor may have to deal with delaying the next step in the building process, the framing work. However, building homes in the north are also limited by the same conditions the well driller is so it isn't usually a problem and your general contractor can work around it. 

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2 September 2018

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