Creating Great Spaces In Your Basement

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If you have an unfinished basement, then you have what could be a fantastic spot in your home and you are allowing it to be wasted. Your basement may currently be that dark area in the house you ignore, or the place you only creep down into in order to do a load of laundry. There are so many things you can do with your basement if you finish it and do some decorating. You can turn it into the most ignored part of your home to one of the most appreciated areas in your home. Here are some fantastic ways you can use your basement:

Create a second family area

If you find that the adults and the kids are often arguing over seating and what to watch on the TV, then you can put an end to much of that arguing by transforming the basement into a second living area. By finishing the basement and then decorating it like another living room, either the adults or the kids can have their own separate area they can go to in order to sit where they want, watch what they want and have their own age-appropriate conversations.

Create a fun game room

You can finish the basement and then turn it into an exciting game room that the whole household can have a fantastic time in. Some examples of the things you can put in the game room include a pool table, a table hockey machine, full-sized arcade games, a big screen TV and gaming consoles. You can also have regular furniture down there, as well as fabulous gaming chairs. Make the room even more comfortable by putting in a mini fridge and a microwave, so everyone can enjoy snacks and drinks without needing to go upstairs every time they want them.

Create an extra bedroom

If you have some of the kids sharing a bedroom and it's causing complaints and other issues, then you should consider having the basement finished and transforming it into another bedroom. IN fact, if you have a very large basement then you may be able to have more walls put up and create more than one bedroom, or a bedroom and another type of room.

Create an apartment

You can finish the basement and create a cozy apartment area that someone n the household can use for their entire living area. This is a great way to turn what is a small and crowded one into a house with plenty of living space for everyone.

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8 October 2018

Bringing the Spa Home

When my husband and I took our "second honeymoon," we stayed at a glorious resort with an on-site spa. We booked couples' packages for massages and other treatments. When we got home, we decided our bathroom was not nearly as soothing or peaceful as it could be. Armed with inspiration from our visit to the spa, we ripped out the existing vanity, tub, toilet, and other fixtures, and replaced them with more spa-like models. A frameless shower door and a quartz-topped vanity were two of the best decisions we ever made. If you want to enjoy a day at the spa—without actually leaving your home—I hope you will use the information on this blog to make it happen for your family.