How Do You Keep Trespassing Kids Off Your Property?

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If you plan to install a pool, swing set, or other fun attraction on your property, you may wonder how you can keep neighborhood children from using them. Pools and playground sets can attract unwanted attention over time. Some children can and will trespass on their neighbors' properties in order to play on these items. If a child receives injuries on your property, you may be liable for their medical bills through the attractive nuisance doctrine. You can prevent legal issues with the tips below.

Speak to Your Neighbors

Many of your neighbors may understand why you don't want their children trespassing on your property. If trespassing children damage your pool or playground accessories, you may be financially responsible for repairing or replacing them. 

In addition, young children may be at risk for falls, bone fractures, and even drowning if they use your private items without adult supervision. Depending on the legal requirements in your state, the injured child's parents may bring an attractive nuisance doctrine lawsuit against you. The attractive nuisance doctrine is designed to protect young children who become injured on someone else's property. The doctrine can hold you responsible for a child's injuries, even if the child trespassed on your property. 

If you feel comfortable and safe doing so, gently ask each neighbor to keep their loved ones off your property. You may also want to place "no trespassing" signs around your home to help deter unwanted guests. If none of these actions prevents kids from entering your property, considering installing a fence around your home.

Secure Your Property

One of the most effective ways to keep trespassers at bay is to install an iron fence around your land. Some trespassers may be strong enough to damage or kick down a wooden fence. However, trespassers may have a difficult time damaging a fence made of iron.

You also want your iron fence to be high enough to deter climbing. If you desire the most protection, consider installing a 6- to 8-foot high fence. A fence installation contractor can help you choose a height that works best for your property and needs.

Some types of iron fences come with decorative spikes and other features. Although these features are attractive, they may not be the best options for you. If a persistent trespasser climbs your fence and becomes stuck and injured on the spikes, the law may still hold you liable for the person's injuries. Allow a fencing contractor to help you select the safest and most effective features for your fence.

You can learn more about keeping your fun attraction and property safe from trespassers by contacting a contractor like Ornamental Design Ironworks Inc.


23 November 2018

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