Common Fall Pests and How to Prevent Them From Entering Your Home

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Some homeowners have problems with pests year-round, but these issues often spike when fall weather arrives. One reason for this is because pests are trying to find a place to call home for the winter season. Therefore, it is important that you take steps to protect your home as early in the fall season as possible. To ensure that you are able to keep insects and pests out of your home during the colder months of the year, keep reading.

What Are Some of the Most Common Fall Pests?

There are an assortment of pests and insects that you will see during the summertime. As the weather starts to cool down, the population of these pests will decrease as they try to find shelter for the winter. Some of the pests that you may notice include:

  • Flies – Many species of flies will look for warmth as the weather turns cool.
  • Rodents – Mice and rats will look for a place to call home over the winter months.
  • Ants – Colder weather often results in ants searching for food inside warm homes.
  • Stink Bugs – These bugs are known for seeking shelter inside homes before winter arrives.

How Do You Protect Your Home from These Fall Pests?

The good news is that there are numerous steps that you can take to prevent an infestation from ever occurring. Here is a look at a few things that you can do to safeguard your home from an infestation of these common fall pests.

  • Seal cracks and crevices around the entire property.
  • Repair any damaged window screens.
  • Inspect the roof for cracks, holes, and gaps; repair any issues, if necessary.
  • Remove debris from around the property.
  • Maintain a clean, tidy home—inside and out—and clean up messes immediately.
  • Keep all trash cans and food containers sealed tightly.
  • Repair leaky faucets and pipes to avoid moisture issues.

When you are able to eliminate the opportunity for pests to invite themselves into your home, you will significantly reduce the risk of an infestation occurring. When it comes to pest control, pest-proofing your property is by far one of the best prevention methods. If you have questions about keeping your home pest-free, need help pest-proofing your home, or are worried that your home may have already been invaded by pests, then get in contact with a pest control company in your local area for their professional advice and assistance.


8 September 2020

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